Editorial Platform initiated by the Ricard Foundation.

TextWork aims to foster and support the work of artists active in the French art scene through the publication of critical essays produced by international writers. With this new program, the Ricard Foundation reinforces its commitment of over 20 years to supporting and disseminating this art scene. TextWork is initiated in partnership with the French Ministry of Culture.

For the majority of artists selected, the program will generate the first monographic study published on their practice. Available in both English and French, and extensively illustrated, these texts will be disseminated on the TextWork website and through prominent international critical platforms.

By soliciting contributions from international curators and critics, the Ricard Foundation wishes to create a space for ambitious art criticism while also contributing to the reach and influence of the French art scene internationally.

An advisory group accompanies the project. In 2017, it comprises Mélanie Bouteloup, co-founder and director of Bétonsalon; Thomas Boutoux, writer, publisher and curator; and Marie Canet, independent curator, art historian and professor in aesthetics at École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon.